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Fracarita International participated at the international conference: 'Trauma and What it Means

Fracarita International (Mr. Prakash Goossens) participated at the international conference 'Trauma and What it Means to be Human' in Webster University (Geneva, Switzerland) on 28 and 29 April 2018. The aim of this conference was to consider what may be the most important challenge of our times: how can we retain our humanity in the face of devastating and sometimes even dehumanizing experiences, as well as how best to protect and promote the human dignity of the devastated other.

Not only does it look like we have too many therapies for trauma. It also seems we still do not agree on the concept itself. Some believe in a bio-medical model, others are interested in complicated intra-psychic processes; still others try to bridge the conceptual gap between psychological and social processes.

Finally, some think we should do away with the concept altogether especially when trauma is minimized to PTSD. However, trauma can only be understood within and in reference to a specific social/cultural/political context. Trauma is one of the paths of spirituality if it is healed, otherwise it is hell!

This conference therefore sought to open a dialogue for exploring the contested narratives about trauma, as well as to consider what those narratives reveal about a core issue of our lives: what it means to be human. Fracarita International will use the outcomes of this conference in the capacity building of brothers and staff in the mental health services of the Brothers of Charity.

From left to right: Dr. Catherine Butterly (Webster University) , Dr. Vlad Glaveanu (Webster University), Mr. Prakash Goossens (Fracarita International)

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