Country Offices

The country offices monitor the project implementation locally and are responsible for local fundraising and income generating activities (IGA).

Fracarita Bulgaria

Coordinator: Raoul Geboers

Fracarita Burundi

Coordinator: Bro. Hippolyte Manirakiza


Fracarita Central African Republic

Coordinator: Bro. Théophile Luenge


Fracarita China

Coordinator: Bro. José Yuan Shi Ping


Fracarita DR Congo

Coordinator: Bro. Ernest Ciza


Fracarita Ethiopia & Kenya

Coordinator: Bro. Edouard Manda Yemba


Fracarita India

Coordinator: Dr. John Tharakan


Fracarita Indonesia

Coordinator: Bro. Polikarpus Manaô


Fracarita Ivory Coast

Coordinator: Bro. Félicien Ngendahimana



Fracarita Latin America

Coordinators: Bro. Jimi A. Huayta Rivera


Fracarita Pakistan

Coordinator: Ashraf Rahmat


Fracarita Philippines

Coordinator: Bro. Manuel Baloyo

Fracarita Romania

Coordinator: Raoul Geboers


Fracarita Rwanda

Coordinator: Bro. Kizito Misago


Fracarita Southern Africa

Coordinator: Bro. Constantino Chisio


Fracarita Sri Lanka

Coordinator: Lucian Ranasinghe


Fracarita Tanzania

Coordinator: Bro. Gilbert Kilassa Kato


Fracarita Vietnam

Coordinator: Bro. Dominic Maria Tam

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